12 Weeks and well over 100,000 Cards

If Paramedic Ian Burrell is reading this in the UK, which he probably is, we fully expect him to be grinning from ear to ear!

Ian’s bright idea one wet English Sunday morning, talking to other ambulance men over his favorite ‘cup of tea and bacon sandwich’; to provide a medics solution to identify motorcycle crash victims has turned into an international winner.

Ian, Chairman of the UK Ambulance Motorcycle Club, created ‘CRASH Card’ and put the idea of safety into the heads of 350,000 UK riders (so far).  We simply, and with his blessing, Americanized it and carried on the good work.

As we pass the hundred grand mark on this side of the pond, we certainly have no intention of stopping, and if anything are fueled to deliver the program as far and as wide as possible.  Our own success has been achieved in a great partnership of like minded organizations focusing on rider safety and working as a strong team to deliver. 

100,000 ‘isnt the beginning of the end’, as Mr Churchill said, but simply’ the end of the beginning’. Thank you all.